"Shooting in Tuscany has never been this easy, convenient, flexible and organized."
“The love between Film and Tuscany is eternal and so is our love for our mother land and our passion: Making films. We want you to be part of that passion and let us help you bring your films and commercials to life in Tuscany. With over 15 years experience working on foreign film productions, we have personally experienced the language and cultural barriers as well as geographical and bureaucratic issues due to the Italian gap between public and private, which can make it 'Difficult' to film in Tuscany and love it. Let us aid you in finding and negotiating the right locations, hidden gems, and atmosphere for your projects. We will help you obtain the correct licences and permissions as well as supply locally sourced talented Assistants and Actors. All served in a “all inclusive package”. We created FilmIN'Tuscany with the aim to provide you with ease, so that you may display the splendour of Tuscany to the world within your films. Let us keep it easy to love the passion of filming with the eternal love of Tuscany”.
Michela Scolari
“I have been here but two days, but the charm of Tuscany has already taken complete possession of me and assured me that my recollections were not illusions.”
Henry James
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