"Shooting in Tuscany has never been this easy, convenient, flexible and organized."

“We are professionals with an International background, and we come from diverse sectors of the Entertainment. I am the proud Founder of FilmInTuscany, but I am primarily a Screenwriter with a passion for well executed Productions. Rare thing in Italy, let me say. That’s why we decided to put all our skills and expertise together: because we love making films and we want to do it well! And because we know and love any single corner of Tuscany and we want to provide a 360 degrees service to your Company, which goes from Permissions and Funds Applications to Locations, Equipments, Caterings, Talents and anything you may need. Everything done with passion, flexibility and professionality.

Let us understand the atmosphere of your project. Let us study, find and propose diverse, convenient and strategically ‘mapped’ itineraries for your film. Pick the ones you like better and feel free to change idea on the way: we have plenty of different budget options.

Now, let me introduce you the Main Team of FilmInTuscany, each of us in charge of different areas”.